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Keep your outdoor recreation and living spaces safe and serene by choosing a precise and long lived fence from MN Nice.

Wood Fences offer both privacy and durability and look beautiful. Cedar fences are a great way to encapsulate your outdoor living and recreation space as well as keep children and animals safe. A variety of styles and stain colors are available and add a personal touch to each installation. 


We install each wood fence picket and make sure each elevation change is a smooth and clean transition. Treated Cedar Toned fence posts are rated for ground contact and have a life of about 25 years. Cedar pickets have an expected above ground life span of around 20 years. 

Chain Link

Fully custom, high value, fencing solution

Chain Link Fences offer our customers a cost effective long term solution for general urban fencing needs. A variety of Fence colors, sizes and chain link fence fabrics are available making our fences a individualized and custom solution for our customers specific needs and budget.


Our fence designers also personally install your fence which offers our customers clear and transparent communication as well as well planned, faster installation ultimately resulting in a budget friendly and high value fencing solution.

Living Privacy Screens

A touch of landscape architecture

Living privacy screens and natural fences are a truly specialized option for any outdoor living space. We typically recommend this type of installation for encompassing smaller areas although they can be installed on a much larger scale (See Image Below). 


This type of fence/screening aesthetic is achieved by utilizing a custom built trellis structure and incorporating plant material with dense growth to tightly cover the trellis or fence structure resulting in a beautiful screen and noise barrier to any landscape.

Image Example of living fence from Chicago's Millenium Park

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