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The Landscaping Company you can trust. Our professional Design and Installation team will help you take your next Landscaping project a step above.

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Innovative Landscaping Services by MN Nice Gardens and Landscapes

The world is moving forward and so are we. Go beyond the traditional low interest landscapes and short-term fixes. Choose a Landscaping Company who has the measurable ability to offer personalized, long term Landscaping solutions and will stand behind their work. 

MN Nice Gardens and Landscapes is a Natural Landscape Design and Installation company located in Farmington, MN. Our Landscaping solutions always look ahead, ensuring the best interest of the customer now and for years to come. We go a step beyond our competitors by offering the most innovative and up-to-date customized  Landscaping Services derived from ongoing education and field experience. Landscaping Services include Landscape Design, Installation, Renovations, Rain Garden Construction, Integrated Drainage Solutions, Retaining Walls, Paver Patios, Responsible Irrigation Systems, Hydroseeding and Turf Installations and more.

 As Landscapers with over 20 Years of combined experience, we separate ourselves from our competitors by standing by our values and Landscaping expertise when considering your project. We will never undercut our competition by using anything but the highest quality materials and landscape installation techniques and we will never sell out by offering a solution that is out dated, will perform poorly, is environmentally irresponsible or is not in your best interest. Be sure to check out our Blogs for information on value-added landscape practices.

MN Nice Gardens and Landscapes L.L.C.

Farmington, MN 55024

Office: 651-344-7770


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