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What Makes MN Nice So Different?

We are a Design/Build company who specializes in architectural landscape design. Which means the majority of our business is medium sized renovation projects. We design and install the highest quality materials utilizing leading and innovative industry practices learned from over 20 years of combined experience working with high end landscapes. Almost all of our installations include steel edging, architectural elements such as stone, pergolas or trellises, and plant species unique to each project.


What Type of Company do I Need?

There sure are a lot of companies to choose from when considering a new landscape. Don't make the mistake of thinking they are all created equal and choose based on the numbers produced. Be aware that companies who offer lawn care and landscaping usually are not going to produce a quality landscape product.


Although there are a few different categories of landscape companies you can choose from, some are exclusively installers who are going to be the lowest upfront price and make up the majority of "companies" out there. They make their profit by installing the bare minimum landscape as fast as possible and move on to the next without looking back. On the tail end this type of Rock, Plastic Edging, Sod, and Irrigation Landscape is going to need renovation in less than 5 years which will cost more on the back end because renovating a landscape is always going to cost more than a fresh installation. 

Design companies, who only offer design services are going to have high design fees and will subcontract the installation out to companies a step above low budget installers. This is by far the most expensive route to go, however depending on the goals of the project can add tremendous value.

Design/Build companies handle everything in-house which means a high level of attention to the project, customized solutions, excellent communication and in the end a value-added landscape. This is the business structure with the highest level of value if you are looking for a medium size project under $100k. One company handles the project from start to finish and can handle any changes to work effectively without holding up the project.