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Do I Need a Landscape Design?

If any of the following apply the answer is yes.

  • I am just looking to get ideas and what it would cost

  • I would like to get an estimate on redoing any of my home's landscape features

  • I am renovating an expired landscape

Landscape Design Services 


Garden/Rain Garden       

Living Space/Patio           


  • I am adding plants but not sure exactly what to plant or where

  • I am interested in getting an estimate on an outdoor living space or patio other than a circle or rectangle

Services that do not require a design

  • Retaining Walls

  • Tree Care

  • Edging Replacement Without Adding Plants

  • Fences

  • Rock or Mulch Removal

  • Tearout Only

  • Drainage Products

  • New Turf Areas

Landscape Design Overview

We offer our clients interpersonal and exclusive attention from our initial Landscaping Consultation to the final walkthrough. Our Landscape Designers will take the time to listen to your unique vision and inspirations. We will initiate and encourage constructive communication  to collectively explore imaginative and harmonious aesthetic options for your property.

Preliminary Design

Hand drafted sketches of landscape and architectural enrichment possibilities. The designer will take site inventory and interpret your objectives to create one or more drawings that mirror your defined goals, personality and lifestyle.

Conceptual Drafting

The designer at this stage will take what they have learned from the initial consultation and site analysis, back to the MN Nice Studio. Here, we will mock up concept drawings composed of collaborated ideas, and expressing creative possibilities for your exterior environment. A mutual arrangement will then be constructed on design elements, product & plant selection, and comprehensive objective fulfillment to approach the final step in the design process.

The Process

  • Design Overview (Introductory Meeting)

  • Preliminary Design

  • Conceptual Drafting

  • The Master Plan

  • Build

The Master Plan

Once the conceptual designs have been analyzed and any changes have been modified and updated, your Landscape Designer now has the essential tools and input to put it all together into one final plan. They will generate the drawing and include any installation notes or special notifications relevant to the Landscape project at this time. You will receive a copy of the master plan and your project has made it to the installation segment of our process. 


Our most unique characteristic is in full bloom at this stage. The acting designer you have been working with up to this point, now transitions to project manager and craftsman for the construction process of the project. By adding this personal touch and dedication you can be confident your builders will maintain the highest level of quality possible.

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