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     How do you begin to design a patio or outdoor living space that suites the needs of your family? There are a few basic questions to ask yourself before a preliminary layout is created. Here are some things to think about:

1. What activities...

Soil structures consist of (3) soil particles, which range in various sizes. There is sand, which is the largest, then silt which is slightly smaller than sand, and finally there is clay, which are the smallest particles in soil. Here is an overview of the qualities of...

Now is a great time for Spring landscape maintenance!

With a lot of people being stuck at home, now is a great time to get some chores done around the yard so you can feel good about your landscape as everything starts to green up and families spend more and more time o...

Have you ever noticed how plants and grass looks greener after a thunderstorm? Your eyes are not decieving you! 

Lightning helps deliver usable nitrogen to the plants root system. The atmosphere on Earth is 78% nitrogen, but it is not available to plants in this form. T...

Spring has sprung! Warmer temperatures, decreasing snow, and a more intense sun has got Minnesotans excited for spring activities. Migratory birds are entering our flyways, monarchs have begun their journey back and song birds are making music once again. Spring has ma...

Recent rainfalls, higher temperatures and record breaking snowfall totals this winter have created some concerning conditions for homeowners lately. We have heard alot about leaky foundations, water soaked carpet and other water intrusion instances lately. This can be...

New England Aster is a beautiful native found in dry prairies in the southwestern part of Minnesota, where it grows 3-6’ tall and produces finely textured 1.5” purple colored flowers with yellow centers in late August into October. Use this native in mixed borders, pra...

When Stiff Goldenrod and other Goldenrods are in bloom, it’s a reminder that Fall is just around the corner. This common native can be found throughout the state of Minnesota in prairies and open woodlands and blooms in mid-August and lasts through September, with larg...

This unique little native plant is found in moist, open woodlands, marshes and wet prairies through most of the state. Use Bottle Gentian in full sun to part shade raingardens and moist gardens, where it will stand out against other late blooming natives that tend to h...

Common Boneset is found throughout most of the state of Minnesota in wet prairies and swamp edges, where it grows 2-4’ tall and produces clumps of white flowers in late July through September that have a similar appearance to Joe-Pye Weed. Use this native in raingarden...

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April 6, 2020

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March 22, 2017

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