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Pasque Flower (Anemone Patens)

The Pasque Flower has leaves that re-emerges in the early spring before the flower blooms. The Pasque Flower blooms for many weeks in the early spring making it an ideal plant for early blooming bulbs. The Pasque Flower requires full sun or partial shade. The Pasque Flower is a tundra loving plant and can be found in grasslands areas with alkaline soils and limestone origins. The Pasque Flower is a hardy and self-sufficient plant. When planting the Pasque Flower, plant them in a well-drained alkaline soil. They are best situated on slopping beds and hillsides, so their roots don’t sit in waterlogged soil. Allow the plants to release their seeds before cutting off the old flower stalks so they can re-seed themselves. Some fun facts about the Pasque Flower is that the hairs on the flower helps deter insects and grazing animals. The Pasque Flower is also the state flower of South Dakota!

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