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Low Maintenance High Interest Landscaping Services

As trends in Landscaping constantly change and recirculate with improvements in both landscaping materials and Landscaping Services one trend seems to consistently grow and remain unchanged. That is the desire for Low Maintenance High Interest Landscape Solutions.

When choosing a landscaper or planning your Garden Design, Backyard Design, Front Yard Landscaping, or Natural Landscape it is important to consider the amount of work you desire to put in not so much today as you plan your new landscaping but how much time and work you want to commit 3 years from now when plant growth starts to mature. As a Landscaping Company year 3 is when we tend to revisit our Landscape Services previously rendered and follow up with our customers.

Plant Selection is a great starting point when planning your new landscaping and with over 15 years of combined experience as a Landscaper I have worked with many repeat customers and know that today’s inspirations for delicate and specialty plant species do not always reflect tomorrow’s capabilities. With that being said, there are certain Low Maintenance Plant Selections that are both easy to care for and offer great aesthetic interest in Landscaping. From a Landscaping Companies view we need a plant to be beautiful today and in 3 years to produce a successful Landscape Design and a enthusiastic customer. Here are a few of our favorite plant selections and proven performers.

Shade Trees

'Firefall' Maple

Seedless Variety of Maple which prevent volunteer sprouting of unwanted tiny trees in the landscape

River Birch

Great Interest with unique Textured Bark Mature size stays manageable.


'Techny' Arborvitae

Very Hardy Variety. Moderate Growth Rate. Resistant to Wind/Winter Burn. Tolerates Pruning Very Well.

Colorado Blue Spruce

Interesting Color. Moderate Growth Rate. No Needle Drop.

Small Ornamental Trees

'Coralburst' Crabapple

Prolific Flowers. Compact Rounded Shape.

Treeform Lilac

Prolific Flowers. Aromatic. Moderate Growth Rate

Treeform 'Limelight' Hydrangea

Long Bloom Period. Low Maintenance Plant.


'Quickfire' Hydrangea

Early to Leaf Out and Flower. Sturdy Upright Stems. Long Flower Period

'Limelight' Hydrangea

Homeowner Favorite. Low maintenance. Long Bloom Period.

'Arctic Fire' Dogwood

Compact Red Twig Dogwood. Great Winter Interest.

Flowering Perennials

'Autumn Joy' Sedum

Drought Tolerant. Long Flower Period. Unique Foliage. Flowers Persist in Autumn.

Nepeta Walkers Low

Aromatic. Long Flowering Purple Flowers. Drought Tolerant.


Garden Classic. Long Flowering Time into Fall. Native Plant.


Prolific Flowers. Drought Tolerant. Consistent Performer.

Best Ornamental Grass

‘Karl Forster’

Earliest to Show. Compact Excellent Upright From. Great Seedhead Color.

After selecting and mapping out plants for your Landscaping we typically focus on hardscape attributes for the project. If we are looking to add value to planting beds in Front Yard Landscaping we typically look to place Natural Landscape Boulders/Boulder Outcroppings to balance the texture of plants and anchor hardscape finishes. From a Landscape Design perspective, it is often a good idea to purposefully contrast boulder selection with desired rock or mulch cover to have each landscape element stand out yet tie together.

Our Low Maintenance Landscaping groundcover choice will inevitably lean towards Landscape Rock. We offer and encourage our customers to consider Rock Installation as one of the many Landscaping Services we offer as it provides many Low Maintenance Landscape benefits.

1. Helps Keep Water Moving Away From Your Foundation and Out of the Basement

We use a 6-Mil Landscape plastic Barrier under our Rock Installations which when installed correctly helps keep water from infiltrating along and through the foundation. Plastic (Poly) also helps keep weeds out of the planting beds.

BE AWARE Using Woven Landscape Fabric Under Rock Will Encourage Weed Growth and Produce an Extremely Undesirable Situation Resulting in Needing to Completely Remove Rock and Fabric and Replace With Poly and Rock.

2. Retains Color Longer than Mulch

Mulch Usually requires “Topdressing” every year to keep fresh and add color. Mulch will Decompose and settle into soil over time.

3. Coarse Rock will Interlock and Prevent Rocks from Ending Up In Turf Area

Limestone Landscape Rock, Granite, and Gray Trap all have a triangular shape which causes rock to interlock upon Landscape Installation and hold together well. Although this makes the rock harder to remove and work with in comparison to a round rock such as River Rock.

4. Can Last 15+ Years

If installed correctly and if correct plants with minimal leaf drop are installed, Landscaping can still look great for 15+ years!

Durable Edging Selections

When it comes to high performing long lasting Landscaping our top selections for Durable Landscape Edging are:

1. Metal Edging

Steel or Aluminum Edging hold in the earth well and tend to not raise or shift over time. Metal edging offers a clean definition between the landscaping beds and Turf Area. Rigid Edging requires longer bends which do not accommodate awkward tight curves and results in longer curves and smoother transitions in planting bed borders producing shapes that are easier to mow than straight lines and corners.

2. Concrete Curb Edging

Although this is a Landscaping Service we do not currently provide, it still makes the list for durability, customer favorites, great color, and Hardscape addition to the landscaping. Keep in mind though Concrete Edging can and will crack over time.

Although every Landscape Design and Project is different and there are so many considerations when evaluating a landscape and making selections. The items mentioned above have been chosen from our perspective as a Landscaper to be adaptable to many different sites and offer interesting Landscape Design attributes and result in fewer callbacks from unhappy customers due to overly tender plant varieties or hard to source materials that may not be able to be matched in the future in there are any additions or changes to the garden design, front yard landscaping, or Landscape Design in the future.

When planning your next Landscaping Project be sure to choose a Landscaping Company that will help you foresee and prevent undesired situations by selecting the best Landscaping solutions tailored to your specific needs not only now but a minimum of 3 years from now and can produce a Landscape Design that will become even more beautiful than the day the project was complete.

MN Nice Gardens and Landscapes is a Natural Landscaping Company located in Farmington, MN. We offer many Landscaping Services including Landscape Design, Front Yard Landscaping, Garden Design, Backyard Design, Hardscapes, Plantings, Hydroseeding and many More!

Contact Us Today for Help With Your Next Project!

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