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The Scoop on Versa-Lok and Willow Creek Products

When you think of retaining wall blocks, you probably picture a block with a hollowed core and a tab at the back of the bottom side. This is the most popular design of manufactured wall systems. However, it is not the best.

Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems introduced their solid segmental retaining wall block in 1987, using glass-reinforced nylon pins to interlock versus a tab on the back. Due to the solid construction of the block, it is extremely versatile when constructing in different situations. The color is maintained throughout each unit, so splitting can be done while keeping the walls color and texture on corners and end blocks. Each unit weighs 82 lbs., and this retaining system can be up to 4’ tall without having to engineer the wall in any way. Properly designed, the Versa-Lok Standard wall can reach heights exceeding 50 feet! The block is manufactured out of a low-absorption concrete material, and at a higher psi than most other products out there giving this product the ability to stand up against cracking or chipping throughout its life.

Versa-Lok is the only retaining wall system we install and recommend. It comes in multiple color blends, sizes, designs and can be constructed in different patterns as well. It is an overall superior product on the market and can make any situation that requires a retaining wall system more attractive and functional.

Willow Creek Paving Stones is a sister company of Versa-Lok and produces pavers out of the same concrete and color blends, making it easy to incorporate the two products together to create elegant outdoor living spaces and functional areas throughout your property.

Willow Creek offers permeable pavers, an eco-friendly product, as well. These are great to install where mitigating runoff is desired and can also be used in areas where limitations on non-pervious surfaces are in effect. If your property is at the limit of non-pervious surfaces and you wanted to add a pad, walkway or outdoor living space, installing this product gives you the look of a traditional paver system while staying within code parameters.

When thinking of adding a retaining wall, patio or even a paver driveway, Versa-Lok and Willow Creek products are number one in the industry. These products, coupled with the correct installation techniques should only be considered if you don’t want to fix your new retaining wall or patio down the road.

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